Double harvest on the Schnegg!

Due to the worrying condition of the red grapes, it was decided to split this year’s harvest in half. A short-term appointment ensured that the red grapes could not shrink any further and instead ended up in the mash. 10 days later, on the “official” harvest date, the remaining light grapes were harvested. It was another wonderful two days with wonderful people and we all had fun. The result was also impressive despite the non-optional weather conditions in 2023: 700l red wine with 98 Oechsle and 1100l white wine with 112 Oechsle, which is the highest Oechsle number in the history of Wingertschnegg! 500l of red wine goes into our wooden barrel and 200l is blended with some of the white wine to make a rosé, in the hope that it will be close to the successful 17+4 from the 2021 vintage. The majority of Pinot Blanc is traditionally made into a Spätlese or Auslese. We are excited!

Here are some impressions of an excellent day, for which we Schneggen would like to thank all the helpers.

Impressions from 2023 – You can find all the pictures from the vintage here.

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