Quality is our goal!

Our member Jochen carried out a successful inspection on the production of organic grapes in November 2019. This confirms that the basis for the production of high-quality wine is guaranteed, which is continued in the loving hand care and hand-reading of the grapes. A high on our Schneggewoi!

Successful debut

On 13.7. our "new" Schnegge, Gerd Nieder, celebrated his successful debut in great weather and good mood with many guests! Thank you very much for the great efforts he made for us with his surprises!

New board at Schneggen

New elections were due to be held at the annual General Assembly of the Wingertschneggen in December. The two long-time Schneggen Ernst Glas and Gerd Kellner were unanimously selected as new presidents of the Wingertschneggen. Congratulations! With outgoing Presidents Peter Merkel and Hanspeter Greger, they thanked everyone involved for the successful and constructive work. We
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